Death Pin


The Death Pin is a design blending the old and new. Based on the classic displacement hull shapes I reworked it so it will be a more forgiving board when the waves get a little bigger and punchier. The clean and simple template combined with a fluid lower rocker gives it speed and control while the thinner rails gives it the sensitivity you need.  These boards loves long point breaks that has some push. Look forward on doing big and long drawn out turns on this board.

Size ranges from 6’6 to 8’0. Standard glassing schedule is 6oz bottom and 6oz/6oz deck.

Simm Zimm



A short and stubby design makes these boards catch waves with ease and fits into tight little pockets perfectly. Modify the Simm Zimm with different tail variations and fin setups to fit the waves you frequently surf.

This distinct design offers a unique ride.

Standard glassing schedule for these boards is a 6oz bottom and 6oz  / 4oz top.  Several tail variations and fin variations are available upon request.  Standard Simm Zimm Comes with a pair of hand foiled marine ply glass on fins.



The cadi is a blend of a noserider and a glider type of board.  These boards come standard with a heavier density blank and heavier glass job so it sits just right in the water and plows through the wave. Look to glide through sections and get long noserides when you ride this at your local spot.

Standard glassing is 10 oz bottom and 10 oz/ 8 oz deck. Sizes range from 9’4-10’4, usually 23 1/2 wide and 3 inches thick.



The original progressor was design with beginners in mind. This year we have revamped it to suit intermediate surfers too. I have refoiled the whole board to a thinner sleeker foil. The rails are medium soft rails to make things very forgiving. I kept a clean rocker so the board catches waves easily and maintains speed. I left a shallow nose concave to create lift while your learning to noseride and lift the nose while your catching waves and help to not pearl. This design is an overall easy and forgiving board for beginner and intermediate surfers .

Standard glassing is 6oz bottom and 60z/8oz deck. This model is available as a pintail and square tail.

Classic Pintail


Clean and traditional lines are what the Zamora Classic Pintail is all about. Slightly pinched, 50/50 rails combined with a 18″ nose and 15″ pintail allow this board to provide optimum logging fun. The Classic Pintail gains speed off the initial bottom turn, setting the rider up for clean and critical noserides.